Handmade Beaded Tiger Eye Necklace - Empowered Voice - Articulate Speech - Confidence

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Brand: Auras by Osiris

Details: Handmade Hematite - Hawks Eye - Yellow Tiger Eye Necklace

💥 Incredible Energy: You can feel this necklace when you put it on. A gentle but noticeable vibration is emitted from this combination of stones. A sense of knowing that you are a safe and all is well.

💪 Large Powerful Stones: We use 10mm yellow tiger eye gives confidence. The 16mm blue tigers eye helps empower the voice and boost confidence. The hematite spacers serve as a conductor and grounding agent for this powerful piece of jewelry.

📏 Size: The interior of this necklace is 19 inches making it comfortable and not to heavy on the neck even though the stones are large.

🌎 Benefits of Hematite: is a great stone for keeping our mind focused and keeping our imaginative power aimed at a specific goal. A crystal of connection to self, to others, to the earth. Granting the wearer a better position in life. Strengthening and providing stability to our finances, romances, and intra-personal relationships.

📣 Benefits of Blue Tiger Eye: From the blue tigers eye we receive a steady flow of energy into our fifth or throat chakra. What this surplus flow of energy does for us is quite extraordinary. It not only calms the energy at these center but tigers eye also donates some of its own energy to this blue chakra of our.

🐯 Benefits of Yellow Tiger Eye: Success, motivation, and ambition. Also tiger eye is a very good anti depressant. Keeping your head up while you walk through life.