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My aim is to heal and protect... If you have any issues at all with your talismans and/or amulets please reach out to me.

You can contact us by EMAIL at: Hewhoisawake@gmail.com 

You can reach us by PHONE at : 850-293-7362

The energy on our planet is getting crazy. I want all of my brothers and sisters of earth to be safe, well and protected. I have spent the last decade and a half studying all of the ancient texts, philosophies, and techniques in all regards to white magic, charms, enchantments, healing, warding, and ionic reorganization. 

What I now bring to you in the form of necklaces and bracelets are the ultimate protection amulets. Each of them imbued inside my sacred temple. Fully charged with the energy from the source of creation channeled through my higher mind, down through the dimensional layers, specially woven into the fabric to aid your exact frequency in you journey.... At least this is what my meditations tell me my purpose is.....

I also craft my Talismans to be resilient to the physical vibrations as well. Every Piece is strung on the Highest Test Cord available. Every clasp is made from a rare earth metal so not only is it incredibly good at securing your jewelry it will also lend to removing negative ions from your Aura. 

That being said Life Happens. If for some reason your Jewelry does break I will replace it immediately... 1-850-293-7362 (my personal cell)

I am here to assist in your spiritual journey


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