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Auras of Osiris

Copy of Obsidian & Noble Elite Shungite Necklace

Copy of Obsidian & Noble Elite Shungite Necklace

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Black Obsidian & Noble Elite Shungite Necklace. The Necklace in the picture is 22 inches long. Obsidian is an extremely protective gemstone. It will shield you against negativity and any ill will that is thrown your way. Clasp is made of a rare earth element called neodymium and is the strongest magnet clasp available. The Cord is a 100 pound test copolymer cord to insure there will be no fraying or breakage.

Elite Shungite Crystals are the ultimate EMF Protection crystal. Shungite is also my top pick for EMPATH PROTECTION for us sensitives.

A more pure form of Shungite called Noble Shungite, or Elite Shungite, is extremely rare and has a silver-ish tint on its surface.  The pure stone’s rarity makes it pretty expensive and also very challenging to get your hands on a piece. Its physical structure itself is almost completely carbon, leading to fewer impurities of other elements.


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