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Auras by Osiris

Triple Protection Bracelet - Black Tourmaline Crystal - Tiger Eye Crystal - Pyrite Crystal

Triple Protection Bracelet - Black Tourmaline Crystal - Tiger Eye Crystal - Pyrite Crystal

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Triple Protection Bracelet

💥This Combination of Gemstones is extremely powerful. In conjunction with the high powered magnetic clasp it produces an orgone bracelet effect With all of these stones on one bracelet you will be unstoppable in life.

🛡️ Black Tourmaline: While all black crystals such as black obsidian, black onyx, black volcanic stone, and black jet guard well against negativity.... Black Tourmaline is King. Its atomic structure is literally made to repel negativity frequencies. Once contact is made with this stone life just gets easier Black tourmaline makes this bracelet as good as a orgonite bracelet.....

🌟 Pyrite: (a.k.a Fools Gold) Is an underrated gemstone. Many put hematite ahead of it as far as protection goes but what most do not know is pyrite not only protects the wearers physical body but it also protects your bank account..... That's right pyrite cares about how much money you have, make and keep. If you want full body mind and spirit security pyrite crystals are a must.

🐯 Yellow Tigers Eye: This is the main piece of armor in my personal arsenal. Tiger eye is a potent weapon against negative states of consciousness therefore making it hard for negative circumstance to appear. Like attracts Like. Tigers Eye will give you confidence and ferociousness to take life head on..... ROAR!!!!🧠 Self-control

🙏Deflects Negative Energy

🧘‍♂️ Sense of well being

🎁 Gemstone Bracelets are great for Birthday Gift, Anniversary gift, or Holiday Gift for anyone. Triple Protection Bracelets are for all, Bracelets for Men ( pulseras para hombres ) and Women's Bracelets ( pulseras de mujer )
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