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Auras by Osiris

Tigers Eye and Pyrite Necklace for Men - Magnetic Clasp Necklace

Tigers Eye and Pyrite Necklace for Men - Magnetic Clasp Necklace

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This powerful pyrite necklace is one of the best protection stones. This healing crystals jewelry will help you in many ways. As tigers eye is one of the good stones for protection you can expect a sense of ease in your life.  Your steps will be true and your actions will be bold. All the while you will know in your heart you have the power to manifest whatever dreams you wish. This tigers eye necklace if also a magnetic clasp necklace making it super easy to use. 

💥 Incredible Energy: You can feel this necklace when you put it on. A gentle but noticeable vibration is emitted from this combination of crystals proving they are more than just jewelry. A sense of knowing that you are a safe and all is well. 

💪 Large Powerful Crystals and Healing Stones: We use 10mm pyrite for its extremely protective nature. The 14mm yellow tigers eye provides ambition motivation and boosts confidence.

📏 Size The interior circumference of this necklace is customize able 

🐯 Tiger Eye (a.k.a golden tiger eye) is a fantastic meditation or yoga crystal. It targets the third chakra. Happiness with our place in the universe and the ability to know the future will take care of its self comes from prolonged contact with this stone. Eastern culture believe the stone brings wealth making them popular Chinese beads. Depression is not a word in our vocabulary while wearing tiger eye Buddha beads.

🧠 Clarity in decisions

🙏 Spiritual Balance

🧘‍♂️ Health, wellness anti-anxiety

✨ Pyrite (a.k.a) Fools Gold: named for its luster fools gold is actually a very powerful stone. Enhancing the wearers mental capacities while repairing tears in our aura. Mending the body and mind whilst re-calibrating valuable thought processes. Pyrite is a powerful guardian stone, creating a protective ring of universal around itself making them great buddhist prayer beads. In addition pyrite is also known to be the stone of luck. In the presence of pyrite we will notice a sizable increase in wealth and prosperity.

🤞 Good luck

👑 Abundance

🌟 Sense of well being

🎁 Great for Birthday, Holiday, or Going Away Gift!

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