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Auras by Osiris

Blue Tigers Eye Necklace and Red Tigers Eye Necklace - Magnetic Clasp Necklace

Blue Tigers Eye Necklace and Red Tigers Eye Necklace - Magnetic Clasp Necklace

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This red tigers eye necklace will give you strong motivation and ambition. This blue tigers eye necklace with give you the confidence and inner strength to speak with power. The best part is the ease of use of this magnetic clasp necklace. Healing crystals jewelry is one of the best ways to give you a one up in life. 

💥 Incredible Energy: You can feel this gemstone bead necklace when you put it on. A gentle but noticeable vibration is emitted from this combination of healing crystals proving they are more than just jewelry. A sense of knowing that you are on the right path. when wearing this gemstone necklace.

💪 Large Powerful Crystals and Healing Stones: We use 10mm red tigers eye for its motivating properties. The 16mm blue tiger eye empowers the voice, articulates speech, and allows us to speak with our true self.

📏 Size The interior circumference of this necklace 20 inches making it comfortable even though the stones are large

🐯 Blue Tiger Eye (a.k.a hawks eye) is a fantastic meditation or yoga crystal. It targets the throat chakra. Happiness with our place in the universe and the ability to know the future will take care of its self comes from prolonged contact with this stone. Eastern culture believe the stone brings wealth making them popular Chinese beads. Depression is not a word in our vocabulary while wearing tiger eye Buddha beads.

🧠 Clarity in decisions

🙏 Spiritual Balance

🧘‍♂️ Health, wellness anti-anxiety

🔥 Red Tiger Eye: Targeting the root chakra this stone allows us to be fully present in the real world. Giving us the push to get up and get done what needs to be done. Also red tiger eye helps during meditation because it helps us close the gap between the physical and the spiritual making them great buddhist prayer beads.

💥 Incredible energy

🏋 Strength

🌎 Connection to the earth

🎁 Great for Birthday, Holiday, or Going Away Gift!

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