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Auras of Osiris

Black Tourmaline Necklace (6mm Small Beads)

Black Tourmaline Necklace (6mm Small Beads)

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💥 Black Tourmaline Necklace Protection: You can feel this protection necklace when you put it on. A gentle but noticeable air of peace and serenity will wash over you. Safety and Security are emitted from these protection stones, proving they are more than just gemstone jewelry.

Our Magnetic Clasps are one of a kind. Made from rare earth element N60 on the periodic table. Neodymium is the strongest magnetic material on the planet. You will never again need to fumble with latches or clasp hooks.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline: While most black stones absorb negativity, onyx actually deflects negative thoughts and intentions aimed at the wearer. Other black stones like obsidian, black agate, and jet absorb negativity. Black Tourmaline is the a black gemstone that actively repels negative vibration. Making black tourmaline a superior protection stone and right up there with orgonite as far as protection. At the same time protecting the wearers physical body it lends its support and encouragement to the mental and spiritual bodies. This gives us an amazing amounts of willpower and control over our circumstances.

⚓ EMF PROTECTION When it comes to radiation and electromagnetic frequencies we have to be careful which stones we use. Using Black Obsidian can result in attracting to much radiation if not cleansed properly. Black Tourmaline is the ultimate EMF Blocker because its quantum structure doesn't allow for harmful frequencies to occupy the same space. There you have the ultimate protection necklace.

🧠 Self-control

🙏Deflects Negative Energ

🧘‍♂️ Sense of well being

🎁 Bead Necklaces are great for Birthday Gift, Anniversary gift, or Holiday Gift

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