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Auras of Osiris

Faceted Unakite Bracelet - Elastic & Double Reinforced for emotional and spiritual rebalancing

Faceted Unakite Bracelet - Elastic & Double Reinforced for emotional and spiritual rebalancing

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Faceted Unakite Bracelet - Elastic & Double Reinforced

✨ Description:
Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of pink and green with our Faceted Unakite Bracelet. Each bead beautifully encapsulates Unakite's unique color amalgamation, shaped to perfection to capture its essence. Beyond its visual charm, this bracelet is a gateway to emotional balance and spiritual insight.

📏 Size & Fit
Artfully constructed to grace wrist sizes between 6.5 to 7.5 inches, the elastic nature ensures a seamless fit.
Thanks to the double-reinforced technique, the bracelet guarantees lasting durability, inviting you to experience Unakite's energy daily.

💎 Materials:
Genuine Unakite: A gemstone celebrated for its potential to facilitate emotional and spiritual rebalancing, Unakite can aid in releasing past traumas and fostering a healthy present.
Premium elastic thread: Chosen with care to maintain its form, providing a consistently comfortable fit.

🎁 Perfect for:
A thoughtful gesture for those in transitional phases, seeking balance and release.
Enthusiasts of unique gemstones, desiring a physical connection to Mother Earth's embrace.
Individuals aiming to harness the transformative energy of Unakite.

🌟 Care Instructions:
To preserve the innate beauty of your Faceted Unakite Bracelet:

Avert prolonged exposure to water and aggressive chemicals.
Nestle in a calm, shaded place when not adorned.
Use a delicate cloth for periodic cleaning.
Let the nurturing energies of Unakite guide you through life's journey. Secure your bracelet today and embrace transformation.

(Note: Embracing the beauty of natural stones, each bracelet might display subtle variations in hue and pattern, making every piece uniquely enchanting.)

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